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“Training like this is an integral and on-going part of our job and encourages crews to think on their feet, quickly weigh up a situation and act accordingly.” While one crew worked feverishly in limited space on the top deck of the bus assessing and prioritising the casualties and providing emergency first aid care, a second crew got to work stabilising the bus.

They used KFRS’s new hydraulic heavy rescue equipment to cut away the side of the bus to create an opening to get the casualties out safely.

The boat on which the group was travelling has been recovered, but no survivors have been found during the search.

The RCIPS released an update on Friday, which said, “Utilising air assets co-ordinated with data from the United States Coast Guard buoys and Dept.

The lowland team has been called out 82 times so far this year, bringing the total to date to 677.

But searching for missing people isn't the only thing they do. KSAR's Flood Rescue Team helped evacuate stranded people in the worst-hit areas of the county.

It's KSAR that is called upon to locate them and transfer them to a place of safety.

Kent Search and Rescue is always available - 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Exercise director, Julian Light, said: “Fortunately this type of situation doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we need to be prepared and know the types of challenges and difficulties we will be faced with.Every year, around 9,000 people are reported to Kent Police as "missing".Those that are classed as "vulnerable" - for example, children; elderly, confused, depressed or suicidal people; those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's; or victims of crime - often need urgent help.If you'd like, you can also find Ladysmith single Marines on your own with our unique military dating search tool.Search by keyword, height, weight, build, horoscope, interests, hobbies, favorite movies and more to find Ladysmith single Marines that you have things in common with and have the unique qualities you're looking for in that special someone.of Environment drift information, nearly 2,000 square miles have been searched since the operation began on Monday morning, 7 March.” “As of today the search area, as defined daily through drift analysis and the data provided, is over one hundred miles offshore,” the RCIPS said.

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