Datingsite hoger opgeleiden gratis

At best, 30% of the page has actual readable text (in your case this is 13.75%).This is why we recommend minimizing the amount of code to a maximum of 70%.It is used as the caption of the browser, tabs and shortcuts and is the default name for the bookmark if visiors bookmark your page.The title is the most important element in order to improve your SEO score and search engine rankings!

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The title of a page appears as the main link in search engines.

Only use Flash for graphical presentations or effects. If Flash is used for navigation, make sure the destination page can also be reached using text links.

Despite the fact that most search engines do index websites with frames, we recommend not using frames.

Schrijf je gratis in op de datingsite waar tienduizenden hbo'ers en academici op zoek zijn naar een serieuze relatie.

The webmaster can influence robots by placing a file in the root of the website.

If it is not the same, emails sent from the domain will be marked as spam sooner. When entering one of these adresses in your browser, they should both end up on the same URL.

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