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When you talk to 100 women, for example, you will probably get an accurate perspective on things.

You will find out that when you ask the same question, 50 women answer “A”, 20 women answer “B”, 10 women answer “C”, 10 women answer “D” and the other 10 are all over the place “E” through “Z”.

If you are just a good listener and show no sexual interest in her, then no matter how interested you are in her otherwise, that will be a mistake too.

Sexual interest at a first meeting is best communicated subtly.

That being said, I haven’t met a woman yet who completely understood “how to meet” or seduce women.

That’s a very good question as first of all, people are individuals – so on an individual basis, there is no precluding one sex as being smarter than another.

Showing genuine interest in someone usually creates some sort of a “chemistry” feeling towards you. The same way that you act around most women, with one exception – realise that they get guys hitting on them most of the time and your approach would be more successful if you don’t mention how beautiful or good-looking they are as the first words out of your mouth.

If you want a good-looking woman to remember you or be impressed by you, then you have to be different than the other 10 guys who approach her each and every day of her life.

Is that just a nice way of saying you are not very good-looking? The majority of women don’t have as much of a physical requirement on looks as the majority of men do.

This is sometimes very hard for guys to understand as the majority of guys are always attracted to good looks as a first requirement.

Telling her how beautiful she is constantly or focusing too much on sexual topics in your conversation will usually backfire on you with most women.

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