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But that just made me feel worse since I was still trying to be a good Christian kid back then. Then my parents shipped me off to spend the summer in Taiwan to learn Chinese. and that’s just wrong :/ But this summer turned me. I even spent a gap year studying theology in a fundamentalist seminary. I guess in the land of men, I still am the odd one out.Previously, I didn’t like visiting family in Taiwan. I think it was because I finally saw enough distinct-looking Asian women in one place at one time that my aesthetic sensibilities were finally honed. So I did what every good conservative boy in his mid-twenties ought to do. But this time, it’s in a good way, at least if you consider something like 10% of the men in this world have been intimate with over 90% of the women, and the top 1% have been with even more.

As an international top men’s development coach, he educates and empowers people to attain the social intelligence, competence, and confidence for success and happiness in dating, relationships, and their lifestyles.

He has developed a series of solutions applicable across diverse cultures, contexts, societies, and age groups.

His coaching curriculum ranges from relationships, social skills, masculinity, self-development, self-esteem, happiness, and fulfillment.

David Tian has lived in several countries, including Singapore, where he took up a position as a professor in the Department of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore, specializing in philosophical psychology, moral psychology, Asian religious philosophy, and ethical theory. He has been a life-long academic and grounds his teachings on solid academic research, including from such diverse fields and disciplines as psychology, philosophy, biology, neuroscience, sociology, Asian cultural studies, literature, history, and the cutting edge of interdisciplinary research in the behavioral sciences. Looking back, I appreciate how rare it is to grow up with loving parents and cool sisters. After a few other moves around the US because of my dad’s work, we ended up in Toronto, Canada. To make matters worse, my dad was afraid I’d break my new glasses. Things started to turn around in my senior year of high school.

Over the years, he’s had the privilege of training tens of thousands of people from diverse backgrounds and from all over the world, including East and Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. I used to be the “odd one out.” I was born in Taiwan to a conservative Christian family. We settled in a suburb, which for a long time was predominantly upper-middle class white. I had to wear my old, plastic glasses attached to a string that tied behind my head. Even the ball was blurry unless it was right in front of my head. So not only could I not see anything, I also kept tripping over my own feet. I was a really sweet guy with a manly, deep voice for a kid my size.

On my birthday during the first fall term, all the kids on my dormitory floor were going out to party because it was a Friday. With some of the things I learned from Christian, as well as various ebooks, audio courses, and video courses, as well as everything I could get my hands on, I achieved some amazing success.

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