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While eating breakfast, Erin and Nicky notice an 8-year-old girl looking scared.

After she leaves with a man, they see she has written "help me" on the back of a placemat, and call in Danny to investigate.

When a robber flees after a jewelry store heist, Jamie and his newly assigned partner Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) arrive on the scene just in time to hear a gunshot that severely wounds officer Lori Collins.

Erin lets Danny know he can still pursue a murderer in his jurisdiction, and he brings in Delgado.

At his arraignment, with Erin's ex-husband Jack representing him, Delgado takes a security officer's gun, locks down the courtroom, and holds several people hostage.

Frank was inform while going up against Reverend Darnell Potter (Ato Essandoh) on the radio about the use of city security cameras.

In a heated scuffle, he shoots Erin in the shoulder, then makes his demands and says he will only talk to Danny.

Elsewhere, Jamie disobeys a direct order from a new lieutenant, and gets suspended.

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