Difference between dating hanging out


If a man loves you for you (after building that solid friendship on Jesus and His Word), then you have laid the relationship on a firm foundation.

He will be a whole person, and God desires you to be a whole person, too (not depending on a guy to fulfill your happiness).Dating just to date is a very different approach in a relationship verses a courtship. Courtship is similar to dating except you have the intention of planning on becoming married eventually.It can be a more Christian approach to dating, but I assume you could technically date someone and then get married to them.Not only are you saving yourself from most heartache, but you are keeping yourself pure as well.My friend put it this way, ‘If you go around kissing other people, then you are kissing someone else’s husband.’ She worded it well and definitely knows that God should be the head of a relationship, not personal gain.” God is a God of order, and doesn’t want you to get your heart broken.I love what a PI Girl wrote about dating, courtship (God’s best for you) and boundaries even in kissing:“I grew up with the thought of ‘courting’ inculcated into my brain.

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