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In the second segment of the film, José presents Donald with a book about Bahia, one of Brazil's states, as a birthday present.

José shrinks Donald and himself and the two enter the book.

Saludos Amigos The Three Caballeros Melody Time Alice in Wonderland (cameo)Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cameo)Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse (cameo)Mickey's House of Villains (cameo)Slender, green feathers with tail feathers consisting of a red one between the blue ones, red eyes (though eye color varies), yellow feet, cream sport jacket with a couple white buttons vertically on the front, yellow flat hat with black band, black bowtie, white dress shirt, yellow opera gloves, black umbrella with its gold top and hooked handle, brown cigar with gold ring José Carioca (known in Brazil as Zé Carioca) is a Brazilian parrot from Rio de Janeiro who is a friend of Donald Duck.

He first appeared alongside Donald in Disney's 1943 animated feature film Saludos Amigos.

The Aracuan Bird sees them both and introduces them to the Samba, which manages to cheer up both José and Donald.

José makes a notable appearance in the animated series Mickey Mouse Works in the short "Mickey Tries to Cook".

José is also the best friend of Panchito Pistoles who, despite being the most rambunctious and unpredictable of the three, shares José's charisma and prosperity.

To find a new market to make up for this, Walt Disney focused on the South American market and used José Carioca to help promote this.

José is practically Donald's opposite, in that he is suave, cool and good under pressure.

Nevertheless, José is jovial and always excited to learn new things, having had an enjoyable trip despite the misunderstandings. José introduces himself and seems to be a big fan of Donald Duck and his cartoons.

In the film Saludos Amigos, José appears in the final segment, Aquarela do Brasil (translated as Watercolors of Brazil). José gives Donald a tour of Brazil and offers cachaça at a restaurant.

José then watches as Donald attempts to break open the piñata.

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