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“You really have access to lots of resources online depending on what you’re looking for.”We can group these resources into two broad categories: which would encompass help for anything you’re feeling.

In terms of age groups, I suspect that this mirrors the demographics of people experiencing divorce.

That can be very helpful because it will give you a range of possibilities but you have to understand that what you’re getting is opinion and relying on a particular response because it suits you, is likely not smart. Anyone can go online and read a particular statute, say how spousal support works in your state.

The legal advice is how the law applies to your specific situation.

I’ve found that most people need some legal advice about a particular aspect of their divorce and personally, I think you won’t get a totally accurate picture if you limit yourself to online resources. “Many times, you need solid advice to lay the foundation of the divorce.”At the same time, Frank believes that doing some online research will help you better manage your legal process and it could help you save money on legal fees. There is so much information available online, take advantage of it.”How much you can do yourself depends very much on your personal situation.

There are people who can file for divorce completely on their own, there are others who may take advantage of companies like My Divorce Papers to help them create all the forms that are needed very inexpensively and at the other end of the scale, there are people who will use an attorney to handle everything.“It comes down to a factor of money, time and the ability to represent yourself for the best possible outcome,” said Frank.

Frank sees the value of open forums as the real feedback and the ability to speak your mind but moderation is very important.

Frank’s Divorce Force platform is moderated and they do monitor for postings that are defamatory or violate the code of ethics or privacy.

What I see as positive in this is that men are clearly going online for help and that’s reassuring since there’s a common notion that men are less comfortable seeking help than females.

Forums and groups are very helpful for ideas on how handle situations and getting input like this creates the opportunity for you and your STBX to create an agreement that will work for you and your family as opposed to some boilerplate agreement.

If you can outline the agreement you want, then you can hire an attorney to draft the legal document but you’ll save on legal fees because you’ll have done the negotiations yourselves.

“If you’re going to go to court claiming you can’t pay child support and you’re checking into restaurants and taking vacations when you should be with your children, that’s not going to go well.”The key challenge with Facebook is that your identity is not concealed.

Other social media platforms allow you to create a username other than your real name and this means you can post undercover but still you have to be cautious and super vigilant of privacy settings.

There are literally thousands of sites related to divorce and some of these could easily be considered fake, set up solely to generate advertising revenue.

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