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This reality TV show schedule lists debut dates and time slots for new and returning reality shows that debut this summer and beyond.I frequently update it with officially announced days and times, so bookmark this page and check back—or click the link on the top of any page to visit this list any time.When that happens too much, the network gets involved because, after all, the filming is on their dime.If the situation is that bad, call your agent, manager, or attorney and have them come to wherever you are to sort out the problem. It can take some time and you will need a referral, but it is worth the wait and doing it right the first time.

reality show last year, I've been joking that I wanted to write the "Idiot's Guide to Doing Reality Television" or "Reality TV for Dummies." Unfortunately, I'm a full-time wedding planner, part-time blogger, and I run several real businesses so that little fantasy has to wait.It doesn't matter whose fault it was or if the show was good enough, networks have more shows pitched than they know what to do with so they aren't going to renew your show if you and your production company cause a pain in their ass.On the flip side, if you hate your production company and the show is a wild success, you're probably locked in for a long, long time.The unbearable heat has arrived, caused in part by DVRs overwhelmed with the amount of reality TV that’s just begun: Yes, it is summer, and time for summer reality TV, from America’s Got Talent to Big Brother to Bachelor in Paradise, so here is your guide to debut dates for all those shows.New for this summer: brief descriptions of each show!This doesn't apply to contest shows or boot camp-types of shows where you've signed up to play the game.

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