Double your dating 2nd

It is not an idle claim, and is the claim against which it should be measured.

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The company randomly sampled 300,000 US-based conversations on its app over two weeks in May, which included a nearly equal number of men and women and did not account for sexual orientation or racial demographics.The dating world is intimidating for just about any guy.That is why training that purports to ‘Double Your Dating’ is bound to be appealing for many guys.Conventional wisdom holds if your match doesn’t respond to your first message, sending a second one looks a little needy.Yet new data from Hinge, the popular dating app that ditched swiping in an effort to promote “serious” relationships, shows that double-texting actually the likelihood of a response—provided you wait for a bit.” Such messages are common, but they make the sender seem boring at best, and obsessive (or threatening) at worst.

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