Drummer singer neon trees dating


At a very early age I was exposed to cool music like Led Zeppelin and Depeche Mode.We enjoyed singing as a family, especially all of the siblings, and we used to sing Depeche Mode harmonies while doing the dishes. I listened to that tape and loved it in part because he gave it to me but also because it was actually great.Needless to say, I get my humor and performance gene from my mom. It’s about knowing what I’m good at and what I’m not good at and being okay with that.As far as performing musically, I’ve been in bands, whether real or imaginary, since the fourth grade.Elaine discusses her journey towards spiritual honesty as a rebellious child and then as a missionary in Germany and now as a musician fulfilling her life’s artistic passions.I’m the youngest of seven kids so I always had older siblings playing music.

“We were in Minneapolis playing at a small show and there was a boy who came up to me at the meet-and-greet,” Glenn recalls.One of my earliest musical memories was from kindergarten. Around this time I got into the idea of drumming, I think maybe because it was aggressive. I would drum wooden spoons and beat on pots and pans, using the pots as the drums and the lids as the cymbals.I remember sitting on the bus staring out of the window and singing to myself “You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago. I always flipped through the Sears catalog to look at the drum sets. When I started band in the sixth grade, my parents got me the Sears drum set. That’s when they figured out I was serious enough about playing the drums that they could afford to actually invest a little money in it.“He started to cry and explained that he had always listened to our band and felt a connection to what I wrote about even before he was aware of my sexuality, but that me declaring who I am meant so much to him.That made me feel so good because it was then I realized I was able to talk about certain feelings in my music and it was positively affecting fans like him.” He stops and smiles before adding, “Then he introduced his boyfriend and told me they had met at a Neon Trees concert five years ago and we all just sort of had a teary moment together.And moments like that, well, they give purpose to what I’m doing, more than anything else.” Since Glenn revealed the truth about who he is, the popularity of the New Wave-pop powerhouse has only increased.

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