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The same considerations applied to other questions.

The President agreed to this but said that the solution proposed was not acceptable.

They are submitted in diary form and perhaps in this way give the better picture of the personalities and problems concerned. The striking German successes in the war had produced a good many waverers. However, he said, early successes do not mean everything.

There are many points in the notes which need consideration or action, but these can be sorted out in the Department. I did not arrive in Dublin till the evening, my journey via Stranraer and Belfast having taken nearly twenty-four hours from London owing to various delays. Walshe, Secretary for External Affairs, by telephone and was told that Mr. The way in which suspicion could be excited and susceptibilities aroused in Ireland was beyond belief.

A stand on that point would make it look as if a side issue was being exploited in order to gain a point in the constitutional game. He exclaimed that any such view was quite unjustified.

He could assure me that there was no such thought in his mind.

I intervened again to say that if he could swallow the word 'Minister' it seemed difficult to see the enormous difference between that and the term 'Representative'.

To do so would be to more than undo any possible good results.

Though he fully saw our difficulties, etc., etc., he could not face the danger and embarrassment resulting from a new and unusual title applied to a new British post.

But they cannot be allowed to drift, even if we have no representative.

I therefore put the Admiralty difficulty to the President and said: 'It is obvious beyond all dispute that there must be liaison and information.

Google does so for Android and Intel also names their chips.

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