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George may not have bedded the quantity of women that men like Leo and Jack have, but the high quality of his conquests cannot be debated. After the relationship ended she moved on to Charlie Sheen, and then John Travolta. Still not fully understanding the powers he possessed, Clooney actually married Talia Balsam, an actress best known now for playing Mona Sterling on , just dating a French waitress and law student named Celine Balitranbut. Snowden, an English model and TV personality, holds the record for the most years spent alongside Clooney. Stepping his game up once again, Clooney is now dating former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler. We looked into Clooney's romantic history and found all the ladies who have -- or might have -- counted him as a boyfriend.Because y'all really needed to know: Former George Clooney flame Elisabetta Canalis is now dating Marcus Kowal, a "mixed martial arts fighter," according to photo agency Fame Flynet.

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PHOTOS: Odd couples in Hollywood "He is an open wound," the former "If we went out with my friends, even the fact that a bottle of wine was on the table would be a stress," Canalis explains, adding that what was supposed to be a relaxing couples' getaway to her home country proved too much for her ex."[Our vacation] was beautiful but at the same time a nightmare," she says."Italy was full of temptations for him." PHOTOS: Clooney's many women The former TV host says cultural differences–and her temper in particular–also proved a problem for the pair. I once threw a telephone in the face of a boyfriend who was sleeping.“I was watching Up In The Air and I thought, 'Jesus, who’s the old gray-haired guy? I never wear makeup for movies and now it’s starting to show.” Clooney, who is often referred to as the 21st Century’s Cary Grant, mused: “It’s funny, because most male actors work with actresses who are considerably younger.But earlier in my career I was working with a lot of actresses who were my age or older so people always thought I was older anyway; and now I’m going through this thing with people thinking I’m about 60."Steve has a lot of strength and humor," she tells the magazine.

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