English japanese dating sim we are dating 2016


They then decide to go there on a date at eight o'clock.

After giving Soos fifty cents, Melody leaves but before Soos can continue to ride the train he is tackled by Mabel and Dipper. Meanwhile, Stan begins to prepare to break into the same pizzeria, putting on gloves which he calls his old friends, and saying that he has to be careful this time to avoid any more "Colombian nights." Wendy attempts to persuade him to change his mind, to no avail.

His abuelita now sneaks in before reading Soos's diary. Soos is relieved but confused as to how she managed to get to him. GIFfany now reveals that she was a sentient game that attacked her programmers when they tried to delete her.

Mabel scares all of the women out of the toilet at the mall by screaming at them with a bull horn and Dipper is forced leave to deal with the security that arrived to investigate, leaving Soos to find a date alone. She says that now Soos won't have to talk to real girls ever again and that they can now be together forever to which Soos responds positively. GIFfany says they can do anything Soos wants, which apparently is riding a toy train. GIFfany seem to be having a great time until his time runs out and he must insert another fifty cents.

Stan believes the arcade is some kind of nightmare.

Before long, an animatronic badger and animatronic band appears, putting on a show for the children before requesting money from the kids, in which the kids fanatically oblige.

Soos is reluctant to throw it out as he says that he likes . Shortly afterward Soos meets up with Melody and they enter the pizzeria just as Stan prepares to steal the animatronic. GIFfany who glares at them from the television screens. This possession also causes the animatronic Stan is about to steal to attack him. GIFfany then blocks Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Melody from the exit before turning some nearby skeeball games into cannons that shoot balls at them, causing them to take cover behind an arcade machine.

It is now revealed that Soos usually spends the remainder of the day playing video games.December 24, 2014 (Middle East)January 3, 2015 (Czech Republic, Hungary)January 11, 2015 (Romania, Bulgaria)January 30, 2015 (Spain)February 1, 2015 (Asia)February 8, 2015 (Poland)February 21, 2015 (Portugal)March 5, 2015 (Germany)March 7, 2015 (Turkey)June 12, 2015 (Italy) Mabel accidentally gets her braces caught in the screen door of the Gift Shop.Soos pries the braces out with a screwdriver, before bidding goodbye.After some small talk, they realize that they have a lot in common. Soos then tells Melody about "Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree," a restaurant that he finds out both he and Melody like. Soos cannot decide how to interact with any of the women due to them having "too many dimensions" and there not being any "explanatory menus." He fails to attract any women once again and wishes he was back home talking to . Melody, a nearby worker at Meat Cute, finds this very amusing and approaches Soos and introduces herself.

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