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Aya, Maya and Mariko were involved in a car crash when Aya was only five years old on December 23, 1977. Francis Hospital in New York City, where a young intern Hans Klamp visited them and may have been involved in their operations.Aya was the sole survivor while Mariko and Maya died.

The object had come to be known as home by the various CFC alliances which have lived their since losing their space in World War Bee.

Aya would later discover that she was granted great power due to the fact that she possessed Maya's mitochondria (transferred to her body during a corneal transplant), but they either evolved differently to be symbiotic due to geographical separation or they were unable to take control of her as it did Melissa because of Aya's evolved cell nuclei.

Eve begins to transform animals and organisms into Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures or NMCs. Klamp informs Aya and Daniel about mitochondria and Mitochondrial Eve.

One of Maya's kidneys was transplanted into a girl named Melissa Pearce, who was also hospitalized that same day for kidney failure.

Maya's cornea was also preserved for possible future use for Aya, who was born with a eye defect in her right eye. Unknown to any of the doctors, Maya's mitochondria were highly evolved and began changing Aya and Melissa's genetic structure.

Bee rights activists have pointed out that evicting them would be inhumane, particularly when #AGMARMONEYTEAM were partially responsible for putting the CFC in said dumpster in the first place.

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