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The latter often go on for some considerable time, and in the process batter one another with rammings and dartings and wild batterings. They glared at each other for another minute before locking up in a tight bearhug. A week’s worth of pent up frustration came pouring out of their slender bodies.These young men will "live to fight again" as they say, but their bouts will unlimited by any real trauma. Their hot breath came in short gasps as they squeezed each other.I admired her beauty as she sucked on her cigarette, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders.She was ready for the pool wearing her new skimpy swim-suit.He wandered aimlessly along the water’s edge, trying to clear his mind and calm down a bit waiting on his RA to give him information on his move request. As they rolled and strained across the grass, Randy finally noticed his hard cock grinding against Sammy’s. They fought for what seems like hours but was only a few minutes before the released each other and rolled apart. ” Randy asked, propping up on one elbow and gazing at Sammy’s noticeable bulge. First to cum loses.” Sammy challenged, coming up to one elbow and leering at Randy’s hard bulge before meeting his eyes. “Oh, I’ll be here and you’ll be the one cumming.” Randy replied, glaring into Sammy’s bright blue eyes. Seems you aren’t the only one looking for a new roomie. They gaped at each other for several minutes when Randy broke the ice. “I was about to ask you the same question.” Randy smirked, pointing to the fat 6” bulge in his briefs. Sammy was tanned and smooth where Randy was paler and very hairy.Randy entered the clearing and didn’t notice someone else was there until he almost stumbled on him. Sammy shifted one hand to Randy’s shaggy brown hair and grabbed a handful, keeping the other wrapped tightly around his ribs. They lay side by side, gasping for breath with their hard cocks still throbbing in their tight jeans. They reluctantly turned from each other and went back to their respective dorms. They slowly pushed their briefs to the floor and stood nude before each other.You nearly made the lad cum in his pants” I laughed.Let's here it for the excellent pairing of these RA's!

Neither was in a particularly receptive mood for visitors. Randy’s thick curly dark brown hair continued to his crotch and surrounded his fat 6” boner and balls.The balcony overlooked the pool area with a nice view.As it was early September there were no kids around, just a few couples of various ages. I sat on the balcony smoking a cigarette enjoying the sunshine when my beautiful wife came out to join me, I watched her light her cigarette and exhale a thick plume of smoke from her soft lips, my wife looked gorgeous, her petite frame standing 5″3 tall, only weighing 112lbs.He also found this pleasant oasis behind the dorm adjacent to his. So there they were denim clad legs twisted tightly together, one arm locked around each other’s ribs and the other rabbit punching each other. “Okay, punk.” Randy said, grabbing a handful of Sammy curly blond locks. “I’ll be here and be ready to blow your load.” Sammy challenged also standing. He RA caught him and gave his the same news Randy’s RA gave him. He closed the door and looked up to see the same guy he was just fighting. Their cocks started growing hard when they laid eyes on each other again.It was late on Friday afternoon when he entered the glade. They fought so furiously that neither boy noticed the others raging hard-on. They rolled back and forth, squeezing each other in a one armed bearhug and yanking on each other’s long hair. They glared at each other so close they could feel the other’s warm breath on their faces and their still hard cocks were lightly rubbing together. Your new roomie is Sammy.” The RA said, handing Randy the forms. He dropped his bags and stood in shock at who was standing in front of him. By now, their cocks were fully erect and straining at the cotton material of their briefs. ” Sammy asked, gesturing to the 7” bulge in his briefs.If we are talking about some other methods, the "little Blue Pill" can help and it isn't that hard to come by the injectable form (the oral is worthless). Love to read and chat about muscles/strength/pro/worship like musclestories where a muscleguy dominates and gorilla presses another dude for example. He tried to concentrate on his classes, but his roommate and his friends made him miserable. They wrapped their arms and legs around each other, squeezing their now sweating bodies together. “Well there’s no time like the present.” Randy replied, peeling off his sweat stained and dirty t-shirt.

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