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As always, the stylish 17-year-old was within reach of her cellphone—about to become a crucial clue for investigators above.

Geeti’s lifeless body was floating over the driver’s seat, one arm wrapped around the headrest, the window beside her wide open.

The more questions Dempster asked, the stranger their story sounded.

Why would these women, after a six-hour road trip from Niagara Falls, pile into the Nissan for a middle-of-the-night joyride?

Like Sahar—the big sister she idolized—Geeti had a navel ring underneath her brown shirt.

Detectives would later find a note she had scribbled to Sahar, full of hearts and red ink: “i Wi SH 2 GOD DAT Ti LL i M ALIVE I’LL NEVER SEE U SAD! Rona Amir Mohammad was slouched in the middle back seat, her soaked black hair rubbing against Sahar’s.

She was 19 years old and had 10 cents in her pocket.

Her black cardigan, drenched after hours underwater, was on backwards.

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