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false; //apply Fire Bug X(); Page Type Error && is Page Type Error(); //moved all the functions into s_code_until we can overhaul this atrocity /** * s_analytics.track Link Click will send a request to omniture indicating a minor level page event occurred * @param _prop Num is a number provided by Marketing. * @param _prop Value is the value to place within the prop.ex, Avatar, Friends_alerts, Message_Alerts, Global_Alerts, etc. * TO DO: update this function so it accepts multiple prop values.Working with duct tape is fun because it is simple and versatile (and waterproof) – so look up some tutorials and challenge your partner to make the best duct tape wallet, bag, costume, hammock – whatever.

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Mythbusters even created an episode based on surviving on an island with nothing but a lot of duct tape.

My boyfriend got points for being much faster, but I won anyway since his crane looked like a pile of mush. Play 21 questions This is a go-to of mine since it is easy and can be played anytime, anywhere.

One person chooses a person, character, or object and the other tries to guess who or what it is by asking yes or no questions until he arrives at the answer. One of you must choose a movie (or book or song or anything you like) and act out its title silently so that the other player can correctly guess what you’ve chosen.

Other grid-based games like the printable grid race are excellent because they are free and printable, and as long as you label the x and y axes, it will be easy to convey your moves to your partner and play the game over the phone.

Chess, checkers, Connect Four, Quoridor, and Stratego also translate easily to graph paper, as do many other commercial games. Take personality quizzes together There are quizzes and personality tests out there for every topic under the sun.

The second partner must draw silently and cannot ask for clarification.

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