Free chat request

Free readings in chat are a 'Bonus' for participating members @anybodythere.

Please understand, daily we see many newcomers and it is impossible for us to provide a drop-in-center for instant readings.

In addition, free online advice is provided by a California injury attorney if one is available when you request it.Safari or Waterfox for Apple Mac and install Java to use our 'Exclusive' desktop Chat.Our chat is completely separate from the forums and requires a 'New' registration, click link below and register. People of all ages and backgrounds come here for various reasons and psychic readings is only one of them. Typical Legal Online Questions: Do I need a fictitious business name statement? About federal licenses Do I need any licenses or permits? What if I operate my business in multiple locations, will I need a separate business license for each business location? If you wish time with a specific reader and they are for the moment UNAVAILABLE, leave a request on the Members Readings board. Please enter chat reading rooms quietly DO NOT interrupt a reading in chat to request one for yourself.

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