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An hour later, they went their separate ways with promises to keep in contact. His main concern was Helen having too much solo time with Larry.“He really would prefer it if we did it here,” Helen told him.“What do you want? “I’ve just had a long soak in the bath.”“Mmmmm,” Larry sighed. “I wish you were too, I could have done with a helping hand a little while ago.”“Oh? “I’m shameless.”Larry rang Helen back, his mind though was elsewhere, Annie was getting under his skin and it was a feeling that he had never known before.

”“To be honest I would prefer to be at the hotel.”“Well, you’re the boss.”Helen laughed. “But I see where you’re coming from.”Larry had an idea and rang off. ”“Just given myself a shave down there,” she said softly. Sure, he had feelings for the women he had slept with; he had developed many friendships and bonds but Annie was getting to him.

The second one showed her inserting in inside her and the third one showed the vibrator held in the air glistening with her juices. “I wish I was there now.”“And what would you do if you were here now? “Ready, wet and beckoning you; calling out for your big thick cock. “You’re not in the area on Thursday by any chance are you? It took some time to get her to relax her anal muscles but when she finally allowed it to get deep inside her she quickly realised what a joyful experience it was. ”“No.”“Do it slowly,” she said softly “Move your hand up and down slowly as you grip tightly.”Larry sighed.“Now close your eyes,” she whispered. I will have the place to myself.”Larry said nothing.“I could offer you five-star accommodation with personal services thrown in.”“Personal services? “I like to dress up for the older, more discerning gentleman.”His cock was stirring again. “Very naughty sometimes; that’s when some discipline is a required.”Larry was fully erect now. “I still want you.”“Let me have a think about it,” he told her. I might be able to reschedule my work.”“That would be nice Larry,” she responded. the riding crop is always available if required.” This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.Three or four sessions later he managed to persuade her to try his cock for a change and after a few attempts, he managed to go the whole way with her. As he climbed into his bed with thoughts about Annie, his mobile phone suddenly indicated an alert; Annie had sent him some attachments. They were three photos taken, he presumed, from an angle of head or shoulder height as she sat up in bed pointing down her naked body. “Imagine me sat back opposite you with my knees raised and legs apart.”He groaned.“Can you see me? “Can you see my cunt all wet and opened out for you? If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.“Got my dissertation to do this year,” she told him.“What’s your subject? “Has a ring to it.”Annie looked seriously at him.“Excuse the pun.”“Pun? Next day was Annie’s day off and Larry had nothing urgent pressing either so she put a ‘Do not disturb’ notice on the door handle to ensure privacy. I suppose twenty-one-year-olds today are much more open about sex than they were in my day? ”“Thirty-six.”“That’s only fifteen years difference.”“And? I’ve never done a threesome.”“Well it can be arranged,” he told her.”“Fuck knows,” she shrugged.“I can think of one.”“Oh? ”Larry pointed to the wedding ring finger of his left hand. “You know, I might give that some serious thought.”“I could introduce you to couples who are into the lifestyle,” he told her. A fuck in the shower next morning made him too late to take breakfast at the hotel so he and Annie met up outside and went to a cafe for breakfast. She was quite excited but Ian was very unsure about the whole thing now. ” he asked her.“Lying on top of my bed watching television,” she told him. “I mean a girl, girl, and a guy.”“So do I.”“You really are shameless,” Larry laughed.“I know,” she laughed back. ”“I’m going to have some me time with my vibrator.”“.”“I know,” she whispered.Karen took a lot of coaxing at first; she was shy and had natural reservations but one night he got her quite tipsy with Bollinger and managed to get her naked from the waist down and in a kneeling position on his bed. it’s not really my scene.”“Just because you’ve never tried it doesn’t mean to say you wouldn’t like it.”He was silent again.“But if you prefer just to come and stay with me without...

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