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An app component ensures no student will forget to study for tomorrow's quiz once he or she has left school.of those photos from your hilarious beach weekend, try Photocircle.While Segal told Reuters “We are profoundly sorry” regarding the hack, Millership was somewhat less contrite on the issue of bots, saying in the company’s statement that “bots are widespread in the industry.” The company’s announcement also outlined the strategy for long-term recovery from the hack, which included revamping security and implementing more discreet payment methods.

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This social media network is one of the most complicated to join; you need to verify your address by either submitting a phone number or credit card number, or by mailing back a postcard. Couple reached 1 million users this year — that's a lot of thumbkissing.Since the app is available across multiple platforms for smartphone, tablet and PC, your pictures will reach any screen.And for tech-shy family members, print a photo book of your pics, starting at .99.Users simply put their phones together in a circle (pretending you're on Captain Planet is totally optional, but fun), link up, then start taking pictures. Users can also be added remotely by clicking on a shared link sent in an email or text message. For parents who can't resist the urge to post baby pictures, meet 23Snaps.

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