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Tinder may be the hot new dating app for regular folks and beauty queens, but it's not without flaws.

Satnam Narang, Manager of Symantec Security Response, who wrote the blog post, gave the Huffington Post some tips for identifying a fake profile on Tinder. Of all the fake profiles I encountered, none of them shared a single interest with me," Narang says.I AM SEARCHING A RICH WOMEN FOR MARRIAGE TO SUPPORT. INTERSTED WOMEN CAN MSG ME DIRECTLY AT MY PERSONL EMAIL ADD h 0 @ Google. My whatsapp number is Seven Five Five Eight Eight Nine Eight Seven Three Zero .Thankyou Is not about money, is just a friends you know, yes we have many friends in this wold some of them are sad in their life and some are smille,so this time I would like to tell my new friend about my life in the Pacific Island were I am, if you love to be my new friend then I can tell you more about my beautiful Pacific Island in the sun, please kindly add me on my facebook or call me on #seven,three,zoro,eight,t thank you.please are u christian because i like to live with someone who believe in God if so call me or watsapp me Zero Eight One One Eight Five Six Seven Seven Two Four if u know u will never treat me like woman and allow me to act like a lovely husband Hi am kimberly, in search of a serious relationship, need a good looking tall and handsome guy. you'll find as you know her more, that she is just a regular person just like me and you but with extra ordinary life stile. well, i have to go now, but if there is a rich girl who wants to just be friends, im here for you. well, i didnt care, i dont know if she told me cuz she wanted to brag or something, but i didnt care cuz i will probably never meet her anywayz cuz she lives far away. i just want their friendshipe, someone i can talk to and someone they can talk to with."This is likely because they created fake accounts on Facebook and did not populate them with any interests." He also suggests that you read the short bio they provide. A few fake bios that Symantec encountered included lines like "will u do it right" and "just need a booty call." Also, remember that spam accounts never send the first message. On one popular dating site, OKCupid, users can be chosen to become moderators.

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