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See more Sacramento, CA - The Court of Appeal upheld the constitutionality of the IMR process in one of the most closely watched cases in California workers' compensation.

The case of Stevens v WCAB involved Frances Stevens who tripped and broke her foot as she carried boxes of magazines.

While a lot of people visit such places to lodge as guests, others simply besiege them to satisfy their lust for cold drinks and other tasty eatables.

But there are also dozens others whose only mission to such places is to hire one of the rooms for between one to two hours to have fun with a member of the opposite sex.

One young man, who identified himself only as Kayode, said that even though he is not proud to say it, he totally enjoyed the experience of making love in his Sports Utility Vehicle with his girlfriend of five years.

He said that though the lady initially refused to accede to the idea when he first mooted it to her while they were at an all-night event at a popular hotel on the Victoria Island area of the city, she however accepted after some persuasion.

After weeks of careful observation in some very popular areas of Lagos, Saturday PUNCH’s findings revealed that indeed making love inside cars has become almost a norm these days in the city.

As if in a contest and trying to outdo the other opponents, young men and scantily-dressed ladies could be clearly seen ‘digging’ it out in two separate cars while taking different positions. The car has been looked over by an Audi dealership certifiying everything is in great shape. CANADA PROVINCE OF QUEBEC COURT OF QUEBEC DISTRICT OF ABITIBI (Youth Division) NO : 676-163 ISABELLE TANGUAY, youth protection worker, duly authorized by the Director of youth protection of the Inuulitsivik C. Peter Kruyt, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Martine Alfonso, Interim President and Executive Officer Cordially invite members of the community to attend the Annual Public Meeting of the Mc Gill University Health Centre (MUHC) Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 6 p.m. Usually known as ‘short time’ or ‘short rest’ in many local hotels, patronage along this line is what in fact spins in the cash for a lot of these facilities and their owners.Morning, afternoon, night – individuals desperate for sexual pleasure ensure that this tradition never ceases, queuing for several hours for their turns to go into any of the rooms with their female ‘partners’ for a rewarding session of sex.However, while these hotels and their affordable ‘short rest’ packages have provided consenting men and women – young and old – to satisfy their libidinal urges, several others appear to have found new and quicker ways of cooling off when the feelings get too strong.

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