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to access the power to find lasting freedom and practical helps for ministry.Finally, the book bolsters confidence to attain freedom through wonderful insights from seasoned leaders with over 20 years of experience in helping people overcome same-sex attractions and in living a life of holiness in surrender to Jesus Christ.I try to give the strongest possible arguments to the people who are not interested in the environment, or who have values that are trumping environmental values, on the theory that anything that gets that conservation into a more public conversation is good.Walter Berglund, one of the central characters in your book, is obsessed with overpopulation, which I found really striking, partly because it’s an environmental issue that’s not really on the radar screen right now.Left or right, green or brown, nobody really likes to talk about the issue because it’s a tar baby, it makes everybody look bad — which is catnip to the novelist.Though overpopulation is in the conversation this week because we’re [reaching] 7 billion.Third, this book exposes some of the deceptive messaging from the mixture of antinomianism and psychology that lowers the bar of holiness and hinders the freedom that Christ’s Gospel imparts.

in part, is a tribute to many of the courageous men and women of God who worked to form Restored Hope Network, such as Frank Worthen who was a spiritual father in this move of God and who has recently gone to be with Him.The characters’ sex drives are unchecked by things like family and fidelity and hurting people they love, let alone abstractions like, oh, there are going to be 13 billion people on earth.Obviously sex acts don’t have to result in procreation, but it seemed like you were choosing the environmental issue that was most at odds with self-interest and simple hedonism. It’s hard to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic in the exurbs of this country and not feel, you know, maybe it would be better to have less people.Order Now from First Stone Ministries' Marketplace, or from the publisher, Redemption Press., you won’t be surprised to hear that novelist Jonathan Franzen describes himself as “a long-time green.” One of the book’s main characters, Walter Berglund, is “greener than Greenpeace,” Franzen tells us on the first page.Watch highlights from Franzen’s conversation with Kathryn Schulz, author and former Grist managing editor, and read an edited transcript below.

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