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His New York Theatre debut was in 2001 in the Off-Broadway Premiere of Austin Pendleton's play, "Uncle Bob." He starred opposite George Morfogen for six weeks.After leaving the productions to star in the film WAKE, he was replaced by Joseph Gordon Levitt.On QAF, Justin's nickname is Sunshine because of his generally cheery disposition — though that's been changing a bit lately.In this, Queer As Folk's second season, Justin has gotten more nuanced: He's been recovering from a brutal gay-bashing in last year's finale.

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Which, actually, is exactly what Randy Harrison has done.

Harold, the straight actor who plays Justin's boyfriend, Brian, says, "A lot of it happens in editing, although Randy and I are certainly making out and simulating sex.

We're comfortable enough with each other to be able to give them enough raw material, you know what I mean? Next week, previews begin for the MCC Theater's A Letter From Ethel Kennedy, directed by Tony winner Joanna Gleason. And later this year, he plays the "head of a group of total outcasts" in Bang Bang You're Dead, a scathing Showtime movie about high-school violence.

"In terms of gay history, how many actors at 24 years old are out and are as successful and in as visible a position as Randy is? In a way, he's a first." ow let's get the "is he acting or just playing himself? For this reason, it's both loved (for its frankness) and hated (by those who think it reflects badly on the gay community).

But when Harrison — who lives in the East Village when he's not shooting in Toronto — first got the part, he actually had to do research on gay nightlife: He went to Splash in Chelsea, "because I really hadn't been to a lot of gay clubs. Like I don't have the body thing, and I'm not into the body thing.

"I told my close friends and my parents when I was 16," he says.

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