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Back in 2014, Tyler Perry admitted his secret girlfriend, Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele, had given birth to their first child.Now rumors are swirling that his secret girlfriend has become his secret wife.Baby rumors swirled earlier this week, when a source claimed Tyler Perry announced at his 45th birthday party that he was going to be a father.Some Internet detectives then did some digging and found the below month-old photo on Pietro Mourao’s Instagram page. The comedian’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, gave birth to healthy son Aman Tyler Perry on November 30.After all, we didn’t even find out Bekele was pregnant until September, when she was already seven months along!“He said, ‘Some of you know what I’m talking about.’” RELATED: Could Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Get Back Together? The mother of Tyler Perry’s child was born in Ethiopia but later lived in both Europe and the United States.

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele named their baby boy Aman, which means "peace." And with his movie career slowing down a bit, Perry has plenty of time to focus on raising his newborn son. “Aman” is another word for “peace.” “Everyone is doing great,” an E! “They are so happy.” RELATED: Tyler Perry Accidentally Spoils Baby's Gender Rumors of the baby’s birth went viral earlier this week, when Gelila Bekele’s apparent sister tweeted that she was a new “auntie.” But it’s no surprise Bekele and Tyler Perry managed to keep the happy news under wraps.Mourao, who claims to be a friend of Gelila Bekele, apparently wrote in the picture’s comments section that Bekele is seven months pregnant. that the actor/producer implied Bekele is seven or eight months pregnant.RELATED: Why Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Getting Divorced Now Gossip Cop and E! “He said he had to start getting used to not getting a lot of sleep because his life was about to change in a big way,” the guest said of Tyler Perry.“Television doesn’t demand as much as film does with the promotional tours over and over again and the hours.I would do this twice a year with films so the timing couldn’t have been better. At least one writer has already called him a hypocrite for having a baby out of wedlock, and it’s unclear how his single fatherhood will affect his popularity among other Christians.

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