Gemini dating

This complicates the issues of loyalty and respect.With two outrageous flirts, it's hard to know how solid the bond actually is.Someone on team Gemini can quickly spot tease, a con man or woman, or player.It could be doubly hard to build trust, especially with Geminis still playing the field.

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A Gemini couple is likely to have an unconventional setup, whether the relationship is bicoastal or they're living together only part-time.

Their talks are a collage of thought, and each will try to out-dazzle the other with their mental stylings.

Geminis in love are whirls of activity, playful, and nervous.

They may play it out in emails and texts, for the fun of it but find they have little physical chemistry.

Geminis are true free spirits, and two together are like mental scattershot. It's a lively combo, with lots of gesticulation, and neither minds a sudden change of topics.

As a couple, they're flexitarians, open to all lifestyles, and so they attract a truly extraordinary collection of friends and acquaintances.

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