Gender role reversal dating youtube


The satire focuses not on the way real, recognizable people behave, but on stereotypes and cliches about masculine and feminine attitudes.

The show, a spoof of the soap opera format, depicted the trials and tribulations of a group of executives at the Globatron corporation.

Bidding adieu to the nonsensical tv series catering to the old school thought process, a number of web series have come up in the past few years and are providing video content that the youth can relate to.

If you’re thinking of what to watch in your free time, then check out these web series as soon as possible.

Linda Gray played transgender All That Glitters was series creator Norman Lear's attempt to duplicate his success with the syndicated soap opera spoof Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Lear described the premise simply: "God created Eve first, took out her rib and gave her a companion so she wouldn't be lonely." "I had visited the Institute of Policy Studies, and I just loved the whole thing.

And I thought there was a series in it—a five-times-a-week series: I went to bed thinking about that, and I woke up the next morning thinking what would happen if the male-female equation were changed?

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