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NFIB states the numbers are not entirely correct as they believe many people are not reporting online dating crimes out of embarrassment.Quartz most likely takes this argument into account as it mentions the losses in 2016 from online dating in the UK estimates at very close to million. The UK has a population of 65 million people, and according to the UK’s office for national statistics, about 45 million of them have access to or use the internet.A whole new level of socializing and meeting prospective mates had opened, allowing people to do so without ever leaving their homes.Along with the rise of Internet matchmaking, however, came the problem of lying and online dishonesty.According to Per REsearch, today roughly 280 million Americans use the internet or have access to a connected smartphone or a PC.

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Secondly, try to remember as much as possible about the way your lover-to-be is talking, i.e. If it doesn’t feel right, hang up and report the user to the fraud department of the dating platform you are using.

Thus, we wouldn’t be surprised if numbers in the US are even higher.

Seniors are more prone to fall victim to one of these scams.

Protection when using dating apps no longer means you have to pop by the pharmacy before you go out on an internet date.

UK’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) recently reported online dating fraud in the UK cost victims a heart-breaking £27 million ( million) last year.

One form of (dating) dishonesty is referred to as "catfishing." The risks of being a victim of catfishing range from annoyance at being tricked into a relationship, to other more serious problems.

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