Hagstrom serial dating

Reminiscent of a Fender Coronado in design, this model also featured Fender's trademarked headstock shape.

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These became a studio standard of the era, presaging the Boogies, Soldanos, Bogners, and Evans of the future." "The origins of the Benson amplifier arose with Ron's interest in attaining the same sound that Howard Roberts obtained from a Gibson GA50 amplifier.They weren't asking a whole lot of money for the guitar as it was so I decided to buy it and take my chances locating appropriate parts for it.As it turned out I had little difficulty in finding parts. Many of the other parts like the pickguard, tailpiece, emblem, volume and tone knobs and the bridge I got from the Hagstrom spare parts site in Sweden.Passed through a local shop and found a used Hagstrom Viking, with the original Hagstrom hardshell case. I have a Hagstrom Swede guitar that I woul like to date. Hi, I have a Swede from the same time which is a 72-73. If you see a blue, yellow or other non-conservative colour, it is a later swede c)Floating string saddle bridge (you could adjust saddles back and forth and sideways on the bridge.The guitar in fact belonged to Al Casey, who was one of the session players on that show.

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