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Withdean House, which is built of brick with stone dressings, is dated 1802.Both Manor Farm and Home Farm are of a similar date.They are both built of rendered timber-framing, one with a tiled roof and the other thatched.Until the Second World War the main source of employment in Bulkington was farming.Until 1866 it was a tything of neighbouring Keevil.The modern civil parish of Bulkington is 974 acres in extent and lies in the clay vale.The land here is flat, about 150 feet above sea level, and is drained by a network of streams.

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A project to provide a fuller picture of each community is in progress, working on the larger communities first.

This subject is covered in detail in the Victoria County History of Wiltshire volume 8, under the history of Keevil.

Most of these smaller manors had merged into Keevil by 1630 when Keevil manor was held by the Lambert family. In 1790 it was held by the only surviving daughter who married Michael Hicks.

When these 261, which are modern civil parishes, are completed we will begin work on a further 180 villages and hamlets to provide comprehensive coverage of Wiltshire communities large and small.

Thumbnail History: The parish of Bulkington is tucked away on the western side of Wiltshire, approximately five miles from both Trowbridge and Melksham.

Keevil remained in the Hicks family until 1911 when the property was broken up and sold as lots.

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