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A scammer needs money for transportation expenses to meet you You may exchange many emails and talk on the phone for days or much longer before deciding to meet.

At this point, scammers may request money to cover transportation expenses such as bus fares, gas, airplane tickets, and so on.

Naninck’s You Tube channel dedicated to interracial dating has been around since October 2011 yet he only decided to start making videos concerning black women and “how great they are” 9 months ago.

Note: Coen Naninck has since contacted me via email and asked me to make the following amendment concerning his timeline with regards to producing interracial dating videos.

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They may try to threaten you if you are not able to pay it back immediately.

I specifically dealt with black women and the pimp aspect, how they enjoy being pimped, used and placed upon the merchandising chopping block(just talk to your local on the corner pastor).

I also talked about the fact that there are merchants lining up around the block to get a piece of the pie realising just how dumb and stupid the majority of black women are.

This is what he stated: ” One correction I would like to make – and I leave it up to you if you wish to update your article – is that I did not start making videos about black women as of nine months ago, for I have made videos about them first in 2014.

The oldest videos you see on my channel prior to my first ‘8 things…’ video are all from 2014 leading up to 2015, but originally were posted on my other channel.

Meetville is different and makes great efforts to get rid of scammers. Unfortunately, some scammers are really good at what they do and manage to slip under our radars.

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