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Why do so many promising ideas generated by education research fail to penetrate the world of classroom practice?

In From the Ivory Tower to the Schoolhouse, education historian Jack Schneider seeks to answer this familiar and vexing question by turning it on its head.

This fascinating scenario, one of only two to survive among James’s papers, is also published here together with a striking critical essay by Ezra Pound., James was still experimenting with the impressions of his American tour....

There is a vivid sense conveyed of the bright sea and summer air and the great, crazy, overdecorated "villas," but the keenest impression is of the various people that the hero meets....

Contingent instructors now constitute the majority of faculty at U. It examines the situation of adjunct professors in U. higher education today and puts forward an agenda around which they can mobilize to transform their jobs—and their institutions.

In this context, also provides a guidepost for all those concerned about higher education: tenure track faculty, students, graduate employees, parents, other campus workers, and anyone interested in why a new labor movement has grown up on campuses across the United States and Canada.

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I have never seen so many glamorous photos of sixty year olds, looking so much younger. The photos of the men are much less attractive physically, but perhaps that is because they are more honest about posting a contemporaneous image!In The Ivory Tower, his last book, the characteristic pattern underlying so much of his fiction—in which American “innocence” is transformed by its encounter with European “experience”—receives a new twist: raised abroad, the hero comes home to America to confront, as James puts it, “the black and merciless things that are behind the great possessions.” James died in 1916 with the first three books of The Ivory Tower completed.He also left behind a “treatment,” in which he charted the further progress of his story.I agree with what you say, it's just another a meat market in the guise of intellectuals seeking enlightenment from each other...Some women have put honest photos on the site, but I bet they never get contacted by the males on the site who want clever cuties, not real women.The effect is as remarkable as anything that James ever achieved.— Louis Auchincloss James's last novel...denounced, with all the delicacy and subtlety of his style, the world he had seen, at Biltmore, at Lenox, in the great houses of New York and Newport.

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