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The majority of hostess bars in Japan do not provide sexual services, hostess bar manager Noriko told the ABC — they are just a place for businessmen to relax."Being a hostess is just like a restaurant waitress," she said."You have to take care of them, talk to them, sit with them, mix their alcohol for them and just like that.Noriko, 30, has worked and also managed hostess bars around Tokyo and in Kamata.She said it is a difficult thing to juggle, while also building trust and loyalty in her clients."You have to lie all the time.You have to lie about your private life," she said."Because when they find out you are committed or you have a boyfriend, or you're a married person …

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it is not shameful but it is not honourable."To the outsider, Japan's hostess bars are a confusing mix of tradition blended with heavy drinking and womanising.Amid the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, foreign hostess bars are a major part of Japan's nightlife.But they are little understood by the outside world.This isn’t to suggest that parental disapproval is the norm (although there are some horror stories), nor is it to say racism is rampant, but sometimes there are some old fashioned attitudes in regards to relationships.Add a lack of a common tongue into the mix, and foreigner’s chance of wooing a girl’s affection can get a bit complicated.You are welcome to share the images, but please credit “Tokyo Night Owl” and “Mizuka Inaba”with a link back to this article.

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