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The transition happened in stages, and felt like a natural progression – I went from full-time work, to part-time work, to full-time mum and writer.I do miss working in an office at times (I previously worked in Human Resources), but that’s mostly for the people contact and the morning teas, not the actual work! Loosely based on your own experience, was this topic a natural choice for your first novel?Mind you, even though I’ve spent time pre-planning my second novel, I still don’t know whether Jenny, my new main character, is going to have a love interest! I have pre-school twins, so my writing routine can be a bit haphazard at times – especially if there are winter bugs floating around.Which is why I like to have a weekly word-count goal.If I can’t write one day, I try to catch up the next.Generally, I write four mornings a week, when my girls are at kindy, plus a couple of evenings. This question made me laugh – I very rarely get stuck for words when I’m writing or telling a story, but a couple of your questions made me sit and ponder for quite some time!

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Then I’m good to go again, and pick up where I left off. I’ve got so many ideas and sentences and conversations in my head that my precious and limited writing time is barely enough to get it all written down. My first reaction to this question was, ‘but I don’t work!

Looking back, I can see that’s true – infertility and IVF are indeed extremely tough topics to tackle in a novel.

While fertility challenges and treatments are so prevalent these days, it’s still a very emotional and entirely individual experience for the people going through it.

Cambridge (New Zealand) based Joanna Butler is one such author we can’t wait to see more of and we recently caught up with her about writing, reading, and her first novel, How was the experience of writing your first novel?

There were definitely ups and downs – moments when I thought I’d never finish it and second-guessed whether it was even worth finishing, and moments when I’d written a sentence or a paragraph that made me determined to turn it into a reality.

I felt a strong connection with your leading lady, Emma.

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