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They also said the project amount got revised to million due to certain reasons.

“The delay was only the tip of the iceberg and paled in comparison to what followed.

A senior official working on the programme said on the condition of anonymity that the misappropriation of money was bad enough without the Rafi Peer Theatre neglecting to broadcast any content.

The contract included radio and outreach programmes as well which did not even take off, as they did not hire anyone for the purpose, the source said, adding that a team of experts was supposed to visit rural areas to educate children on various themes through puppet shows.

The RPTW, on their part, have also issued notices to their employees informing them about this development.

Sources claimed that the initial delay in commencing the programme was a result of the ‘inefficiency’ on the part of the Rafi Peer Theatre in coming up with a proper script acceptable to Sesame Street, which was a partner and would approve the script as many of the puppets were its patents.

When they got the USAID contract, they not only settled the salaries, but other dues to the tune of million of rupees to different companies they were indebted to,” the source said.

“The entire procurement process is fishy as the tenders were all faked.

The official also alleged that the music contract, like all others, was also given to a ‘blue-eyed’ artist, neglecting renowned musician Meekal Hassan who also took part in the bidding. 1 business medium presents an all new season of ‘Pehredar’, an exclusive programme which addresses consumer grievances across sectors and protects their interests by helping them solve their problems and bringing them justice.After the phenomenal success of the first season of ‘Pehredar’, CNBC AWAAZ launched the new series to help consumers across the nation raise a voice against the malpractices undertaken by a product or a service provider/s or any action delayed by a company on the consumer’s complaint, or no action taken at all on complaints registered by a consumer.“These programmes were also to be dubbed in regional languages to be telecast throughout the year across the country,” the official added.The official stated that the RPTW administration has been offering various ‘attractions’ to the USAID officials concerned for turning a blind eye to the ‘looting spree’, because such blatant misuse of US taxpayers’ money would have been ‘impossible’ in such a strict financial discipline.The theatre would select only those vendors who would ‘accommodate’ them.” The source added that Rafi Peer also paid off old debts, such as paying around Rs 15 million to Channel Tech for technical equipment.

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