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There are 749 Muslim schools in Sri Lanka, 205 madrasas which teach Islamic education, and an Islamic university in Beruwala (Jamiya Naleemiya).Zahira College, Colombo is considered to be the oldest Muslim school initiated in the country by T. Jayah, while Al Iman Schools in Colombo was the first Islamic to teach an integrated Islamic curriculum since 2008.

The origins of the modern university system in Sri Lanka dates back to 1921 when a University College, the Ceylon University College was established at the former premises of Royal College Colombo affiliated to the University of London.

In 1938 the education system in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) was made formally free following the granting of universal franchise in 1931. Most of these schools were established in the capitals of the major provinces of Sri Lanka.

The first of these were Ananda College, Colombo (formerly English Buddhist School); Dharmaraja College, Kandy (formerly Kandy Buddhist High School); Mahinda College, Galle (formerly Galle Buddhist Theosophical Society School); and Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala (formerly Kurunegala Buddhist Institution) which were followed decades later by Visakha Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Colombo (formerly Buddhist Girls College), Nalanda Maha Vidyalaya Colombo and Mahamaya Vidyalaya, Kandy.

Education currently falls under the control of both the Central Government and the Provincial Councils, with some responsibilities lying with the Central Government and the Provincial Council having autonomy for others.

Exceptions to this system exist — mostly when it comes to tertiary with several public universities and institutes coming under the purview of different ministries.

The Constitution of Sri Lanka provides free education as a fundamental right.

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