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(Oc The House narrowly passed a GOP budget on Thursday.Speaker Paul Ryan expressed enthusiasm, while Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said it was \u0022drawing a line in the sand\u0022 between the middle class and extremely wealthy. 26) For all of President Donald Trump's overheated talk about North Korea and the country's nuclear program, he is not currently planning to make the customary visit to the heavily fortified border between North and South Korea during his Asia trip.AP reporter Steve Peoples breaks down what it means nationally. 7) Seattle voters will elect their first female mayor since 1926 on election day, with two female candidates vying for the office. 7) The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee says the United States is \u0022marginally better prepared\u0022 to prevent Russian interference in U. Bob Menendez - all in \u0022Things to know in New Jersey on Tuesday.\u0022 The House's tax-writing committee has begun work on the Republicans' overhaul plan, with the panel's chairman calling it a 'monumental challenge.' Texas Rep. 3) Trump's first official visit to the Asia will be extended by another day to attend the East Asian Summit.One analyst says it signals a trend for women winning mayoral seats in Washington state. Speaking to reporters, the president predicted a \u0022successful\u0022 trip.(Oc The Trump administration said Friday it had no involvement in the decision to award a 0 million contract to help restore Puerto Rico's power grid to a tiny Montana company in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's hometown. 27) The Catalan Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of declaring independence from Spain, elevating the country's political crisis to new levels.The Spanish Senate approved unprecedented plans to seize control of the autonomous region in order to U. President Donald Trump declares the opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency - a step that won't bring new dollars to fight a scourge that kills nearly 100 Americans a day but will expand access to medical services in rural areas.Even though it was only a short walk from his car, the blizzard was so intense snow was caked to the front of his coat. Read On Added: | Category: Quickie Sex | Avg Score: 4.5 | Words: 2,965 | Tags: casual sex pick up stranger oral sixty nine bareback cum An impulsive day in Dublin provides a surprise for all involved. You had stuff to do, but now that is all cleared and you are at a corner of St Stephen’s Green.

Trump also insists there is \u0022great unity,\u0022 within t GOP Sen. Flake announced Tuesday he would not seek re-election during a speech clearly directed at President Trump The White House says Arizona Republican Sen. Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia said it was \u0022ridiculous\u0022 that so much time has passed since the assassination of President John F.

Exactly one year after Donald Trump was elected President, a tide of anti-Trump sentiment helped Democrats score big wins in two gubernatorial races as well as a number of local elections, sending a warning sign to Trump and his Republican party.

(N Democrats in Congress are hailing Tuesday night's election results as a strong signal to lawmakers and the country against President Donald Trump's policies and those of the Republican party. 8) New Jersey Governor-Elect Phil Murphy, is promising to push back against President Donald Trump's administration.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the current administration needs to change their attitude when it come to the Iran deal and finding a solution for the threats from North Korea. 2) President Donald Trump on Thursday announced his choice of Federal Reserve board member Jerome Powell to be the next chairman of the nation's central bank, succeeding Janet Yellen, the first woman to hold the position. 2) President Donald Trump is planting a kiss on a symbol of the House GOP tax plan. Mc Master briefs reporters ahead of President Donald Trump's upcoming Asia trip.

In a meeting with House Republicans, Trump responded enthusiastically when shown two postcard-sized papers some taxpayers would be able to use to file their taxes. Mc Master says North Korea could be added to the list of state sponsors of terrorism. 2) President Donald Trump announced Thursday that a 0 billion semiconductor company based in Singapore will legally relocate its home address to the United States.

Trump also said the \u0022biggest\u0022 tax cut in US history will be passed by Chris House Republicans are planning major changes to the U. tax system while looking to preserve current rules for retirement accounts popular with middle-class Americans and to retain a top income-tax rate for million-dollar earners. 2) Lawmakers on Wednesday released a trove of Facebook ads linked to a Russian effort to whip up tensions around sensitive social issues.

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