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However, the water certificate process is imperfect and can expose buyers of a property to financial liability for water bill payments that accrued prior to them acquiring the property.

Providing a water certificate at closing is no longer sufficient to insure that the water bill is paid up through the closing date.

These properties do not have a water meter to measure usage and are charged a flat rate for water use, based on such factors as building size, lot size, and plumbing fixtures.[1] The flat rate is charged to the property owner bi-annually.[2] This means a water certificate is usually not illustrative of the actual amount owed as of the date of transfer. In June 2013, three other judges on the Cook County appellate court unanimously tossed a noncompete for a three-month employee, telling employers don’t come to court without two years or more. Still, how big a bonus, or how sweet the sweetener, is an interesting question, too interesting to keep this piece short. In addition to the mandatory minimum, post-employment noncompetes can’t last any longer or apply any wider than is needed to protect the company.

The last meter reading may have been months prior to closing which can lead to a situation in which a seller pays the amount due from the last meter reading which occurred months ago, obtains a water certificate that certifies the water bill is paid as of the last meter reading, and leaves a buyer with a bill for multiple months of water usage. So, back to my initial point, if you signed a noncompete less than two years ago and are looking elsewhere, neither I nor anyone else has an answer for you. The Supreme Court in Springfield needs to speak up, assuming Rauner and Madigan keep their lights on. Call me at 312-268-6795 or email me at [email protected] you want to talk about it. How long and how wide depends on each individual and his job. Beginning August 1, 2015*, creditors and settlement agents will have new disclosure forms to provide consumers, under a federal law mandating a revision of existing forms.

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Feel free to reach out to Brotschul Potts LLC to discuss how to identify and mitigate these risks as a buyer. Are you wondering if your employer can sue you if you resign and start working for a competitor? The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act required the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to streamline the information on these forms.

Trillian supports infinite chat history, meaning it will continue to load and render previous messages within a chat window as long as you continue to scroll the window upwards and as long as there is content to render.

In addition, the dedicated chat history viewer exposes calendar-based browsing and a search option.

This usage, when multiplied by the number of tenants, can amount to a large unpaid water bill for the buyer. The I’m talking here only about noncompetes for which the employees did not get a bonus or other sweetener.

Non-metered properties present a slightly different problem. If they had, courts would more likely enforce them.

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