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Also proposed is a small townhouse community for 55 or older residents, a restaurant, eight small retail stores and a two-story office building.

The existing barn and farmhouse would be renovated into a banquet and events facility.

CMC offers several additional resources to support CMC students and their families and can also connect students to other important resources throughout the Cedar Rapids community.

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The UVF is partnering with Harmony Senior Living to possibly develop the property. Mortensen stated that the UVF wants to be good neighbors.

However, they were denied by Chester County the use of the property as a non- profit and the UVF is now faced with the tax implications.

He stated that in developing this ordinance he had larger parcels in mind. There being no further business for discussion, the Planning Commission adjourned the meeting at pm.

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John Sartor, Township Engineer from Gilmore & Associates as well as Mr. He stated that the university wants to be proud of the redevelopment of the property and wants to develop it in a way that is sensitive to its historic location near the Valley Forge National Historical Park. Crouse stated that Harmony Senior Living has worked with faith-based organizations in California, Georgia, South Carolina and Pennsylvania to develop independent and assisted living facilities as well as memory care (Alzheimer) facilities. He questioned if the independent and assisted living buildings were to be tiered to accommodate the slope. Crouse stated that any new building would be on flat grades. The independent and assisted living facilities and memory care are proposed to be two-story buildings. Reading stated that the property slopes to the Schuylkill River.He advised that there could be 20 acres with 5 acres of setback and the property owner has just lost 5 acres of density. They suggested using the yard setback as a green space but still have the density capacity of the property. Sartor questioned how you access the building envelope from a right-of-way if you cannot develop in a setback area to install a road or driveway. The history and relevancy of Li DAR should not be part of a definition. English stated that the wording “partial or complete” should be removed from the definition. English stated that the term “EV exceptional value waters” in the definition should be replaced with “special protection waters” since it is a broader term.He advised that the proposed definition revision goes beyond what he has encountered in other municipal ordinances. English stated that excluding outstanding resource waters and associated buffers in the definition is actually doing it twice since both are a subcomponent of the flood hazard districts and associated setbacks exclusion shown in the definition. English also advised that he has a problem with excluding setbacks in the definition. Lombardi stated that the definition proposed for developable area does not allow anyone to do anything on their property. Rahe stated that the two issues with the definition of developable area are 1) clarifying the exception to developable area and 2) how does the definition now speak to the reduction of developable area. Morrisson stated that the major issues of the definition seem to be buffers and setbacks. English and the Township Engineer to further discuss the topic. Bauer stated that the definition of Li DAR should be shortened. The ordinance revisions will again be discussed at the September Planning Commission. He stated that parking shown on the concept plan is the current national standard. Rahe questioned how many rooms would be in the hotel. Crouse was unsure; however, the existing building would not be expanded. Crouse stated that the proposed new building will match the existing building so that the character of the property would be retained.

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