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eg men with long (by their definition) hair at one stage received compulsory haircuts.

[In several visits to Singapore in recent years I did not notice any enforced restrictions on "normal" behaviour.]@Masta Baba and there you come into the definition of "just".

De facto relationships and civil unions are not recognised in the UAE and any sexual acts within these relationships are considered to be sex outside of marriage.

It is also against the law in the UAE to live together or share the same hotel room with someone of the opposite sex to whom you are not married or closely related.

What I usually experienced is that when it comes to sex & alcohol, most countries that are rather strict on it, will offer the one or other way to get around the regulation - as long as you are discreet, and even more so if you are a foreigner.

Provided you do not leave a cookie crumb trail that officials can follow, such as two guys checking into the same hotel room.

same hotel room will usually be fine, they just give you a room with 2 single beds.

Had it happen more than once on organised trips, or traveling with my father (and no, I'm not homosexual, but the hotel crew would not know that as they never ask).

As soon as you go through immigration, expect it does, though even in practice you will find that this particular law, in the UAE, is not too strictly enforced, either for visitors or residents. If you're going to stay a few nights in a hotel and have loud sex with your girlfriend, you could just find yourself deported.

Should I assume that when Smart Traveller says that the laws apply equally to visitors, that includes even people who are just on layovers?

Or are the laws less rigorously enforced for people on layovers?

Very early on during my time here I remember a conversation with a friend who shared her experience wearing hijab in Dubai, “ As she was speaking I felt myself completely disagreeing with her. I didn’t have a problem with stares or negative comments and for the most part the people around me were always respectful and if anything, simply curious.

Sure, you don’t have to worry about hijab here in Dubai, but I never worried about it living in the U. What I felt living here was the opposite of comfort – for the first time in my adult life I was actually at a crossroads with hijab.

As QANTAS have actively chosen Dubai in place of Singapore they too have actively chosen to accept the conditions imposed by that country.

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