Long island jewish dating services


During this week's Shabbat dinner at Chanel's, Casey lets her anger get the best of her.Casey and Erica try to resolve their issues but are unable to reach a resolution.Fed up with it all, Joey ends up confronting Ashlee about what she has done and things get worse.Joey's father gives her a ninety-day deadline to move out of the house.Ashlee and Joey started bickering back and forth once again.Ashlee discovered that Erica was lying to her about keeping her comments secret, Ashlee bashed Joey’s family, and Chanel stood up for Ashlee’s actions.Joey confronts Amanda after the altercation at the pool party.Casey reveals her past with Erica, and is now trying to put the past behind her for the girls' upcoming Hamptons trip.

It is said that when you are Jewish, live on Long Island, are 27, and are still living at home, it's time to panic.Amanda is spending her time planning a white party to launch the Drink Hanky.Chanel and her little sister go wedding dress shopping, which fuels her want for a husband.Erica and Rob's relationship becomes quite real when the two shop for a home.Ashlee and Joey get into another argument once Joey learns that Ashlee is gossiping behind her back to the group.Erica invites the girls over for her pool party— where drama erupts.

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