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It is the principal purpose of the present invention to provide a highly effective, sanitary, inexpensive, and easily operated urinal attachment for conventional toilet bowls which is capable of being installed readily relative to existing toilet bowls and arranged to provide relatively noiseless use thereof, simple and effective flushing means, and sanitary, expendable and easily disposable conduit means which result in the elimination of any obnoxious odors without incurring substantial expense.

The opposite side of supporting ring 46 has an appropriate manipulating handle 50 thereon by means of which the urinal bowl assembly 18 is manipulated for both projecting and retracting lateral movement toward and from fiush tank 12.

In retracted position, the arms 32 for example may be folded backwardly substantially quite close to the adjacent end of the flush tank 12 and the U-shaped bracket 36 similarly is folded, laterally, close to the arms 32, whereby it can be seen that very little space will be consumed by the folded arrangement.

Details of the invention and the foregoing objects thereof, as well as other objects thereof, are set forth in the following specification and illustrated in the accompanying drawings comprising a part thereof. 1 is a perspective view showing an exemplary embodiment of urinal attachment incorporating the prin ciples of the present invention and illustrated as being connected to a conventional toilet bowl and flush tank, shown in phantom, by one embodiment of bracket means utilizing the principles of the invention. 2 illustrates, fragmentarily, portions of another embodiment of bracket means shown in association with fragmentarily illustrated portions of a conventional toilet bowl and flush tank of the type shown in FIG. 1 extended to operative position and shown selectively as being supported adjacent either the left-hand or right-hand sides of a conventional toilet bowl and flush tank. 16 and 17 being substantially greater than that in the preceding figures. 18 is a side elevation showing exemplary means for connecting the urinal flushing conduit to a toilet bowl installation of the type using pressure water rather than a flush tank.

Still another object of the invention is to provide convenient bracket means to support the urinal attachment relative to a conventional toilet bowl and flush tank to permit both lateral extension and retraction of the urinal attachment between operative and inoperative position and also provide ready vertical adjustment which quickly may be effected to suit any particular user of the same for maximum efficiency and comfort. 3 and 4 respectively are perspective views, respectively illustrated the urinal attachment of the type shown in FIG. 2 and illustrating still another embodiment of supporting means for the bracket assembly of the type shown in FIG. 6 for accommodating the water discharge mechanism to a conventional flush tank. 8 is an exploded view of one embodiment of urinal attachment employing the principles of the present invention and illustrating the individual components thereof primarily in vertical sectional manner, the drain duct in this elevation being cut away to partially foreshorten the length thereof. 9 is a vertical elevation showing a preferred arrangement of supporting bracket means capable of vertical adjustment relative to a fragmentarily illustrated vertical support member. 10 is a fragmentary elevation of a conventional water supply means for a typical type of flush tank commercially available and showing means to connect thereto one embodiment of water supply means for a urinal attachment. 11 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view of another embodiment of urinal bowl attachment employing the principles of the present invention and showing the water conduit fragmentarily. 12 is a front elevation of an exemplary type of cabinet-like enclosure for the major portion of the urinal attachment embodying the present invention and illustrated in operative position with respect to a fragmentary portion of an exemplary flush tank shown in phantom. 13, 14 and 15 respectively are plan views of different embodiments of exemplary disposable flexible drain ducts all made in accordance with the principles of the present invention. 16 and 17 respectively are front and side views of an exemplary type of attaching clamp for detachable engagement by any of the embodiments of flexible disposable drain ducts to secure the lower end thereof in operative position with respect to a conventional toilet bowl, the scale employed in FIGS.

Connected to the rearward portion thereof in accordance with customary procedure and structure, and extending preferably upward therefrom is a conventional flush tank 12 upon which a removable cover 14 is mounted.

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