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"There's just no correlation," said Duke's Wray, calling education and other environmental factors more important for intelligence than DNA anyway. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.

The work was funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. A family tree of Indo-European languages suggests they began to spread and split about 9,000 years ago.

Room is bungalow which has spacious bathroom, flush toilets and faucets, tea and coffee facilities, shower.

That does not mean one population is smarter than another, Lahn and other scientists stressed, noting that numerous other genes are key to brain development.The beverage selection is extensive and includes a comprehensive wine list, beer and cocktails on the beach.Learn more Located in the Gulf of Thailand, just 12 km south of the Cambodian coast, Phu Quoc is also known as the Pearl Island & considered an eco-tourist center of Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia.Lahn's own calculations acknowledge that the microcephalin variant could have arisen anywhere from 14,000 to 60,000 years ago, and that the uncertainty about the ASPM variant ranged from 500 to 14,000 years ago.Those criticisms are particularly important, Collins said, because Lahn's testing did find geographic differences in populations harboring the gene variants today.Lahn offers an analogy: Medieval monks would copy manuscripts and each copy would inevitably contain errors — accidental mutations.

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