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Naturally, I had a lot of questions: What are people doing on here?

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The 24-year-old singer was spotted on a romantic date night in New York City with Liam Hemsworth on Wednesday night.

They certainly seemed to be enamored with each other as the hunky 27-year-old actor held her hand as he guided her through the Big Apple streets.

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Then you ‘swipe right’ if you find them attractive, and left if you don’t (bonus: when you swipe left you get a satisfying stamp across their picture that says ‘NOPE.’) It’s slightly vain and shallow but it’s also addictive. Is Tinder simply a microcosm of what we do in real life (p.s. File people away as attractive or unattractive, make split second decisions based on minimal facts, trust complete strangers?

If you’re a member of, you can now log in to Dating Direct using the same username and password- and you can use it as if it’s

Your winks, favorites, and even emails will be there. That’s why we’re not reviewing Dating Direct as of the moment because it would seem pointless as it looks and works just like only with a different logo.

They have the most active members without the spammers so you get the best chance of finding someone real and, possibly, good in your area.

Ok, everyone is abuzz about it, and I know I’m late to the party. Basically it’s a location-based app that pulls info from your Facebook to create your profile, and then pulls up ‘matches’ that meet your age/sex/location criteria.

The Party In The USA hitmaker accesosrized with a furry hat and a navy blue designer bag.

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