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“People are buying electronics for other members of their family.

Plus, these products are situational — you only buy them when you need them.” “The biggest month is actually Valentine’s Day,” he said.

“We’re like a liquor retailer in that we want our products to be used responsibly.” Walton says a perfect example of his company’s legal cover comes with the devices that allow customers to track a cell phone.It’s called Cheaters Spy Shop, and sells all sorts of surveillance gear for suspicious minds, including recovery sticks that can pull up anything currently on the i Phone and even recover deleted information; mobile software that will send a person all texts and pictures being sent, web history, call logs, and GPS location every 30 minutes; and even motion-activated that record any movement and activity in high resolution.“We also sell audio recorders that look like pens,” Allen Watson, president of the Cheaters Spy Shop, told Huff Post Weird News. You put them in your pocket to get evidence of harassment for the H. department.” The Cheaters Spy Shop opened three months ago and Bobby Goldstein, the creators of the “Cheaters” TV show, wishes he had thought of it years ago.The laws regarding surveillance devices differ from the state to state and there are various ethical questions surrounding their use by average citizens, according to Mark Rasch, a lawyer who specializes in computer security cases.“Most people misinterpret the law and what they’re allowed to do with devices like these,” Goldstein told Huff Post Weird News. People think they’re legally allowed to spy on their spouses and it’s probably not true, depending on how it’s done.” A former attorney who has worked his share of divorce cases, Goldstein says he made sure to cover himself legally.“I’m slothful,” Goldstein admitted to Huff Post Weird News.

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