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but when it comes down to it, they’re going to expect you to be as sensual in private as you made out to be in public.

If you don’t want guys to react to you that way, don’t play that role. So long as you feel like you look good (to yourself), and you’re expressing your personality (if that’s one of your wardrobe goals), don’t worry about not getting so much attention from the guys. My guy friend *Matt started to date my friend *Susie.

This shows that you’re happy with who you are and you are comfortable around them.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Picture That Shows Nigerian Girls Will Do Anything For Money (5488 Views) 5 Questions Girls Will Hardly Say YES To / Reasons Why Some Girls Will Never See Mr Right / 6 Reasons Why Slim Girls Will Always Look Better(photos) (1) (2) (3) (4) The quest for material possessions! Those girls don't represent the tiniest percentage of Nigerian girls. These are the main problem we have in Nigeria, I am yet to see where olosho killed someone but go to front-page and see how some Nigerian men are causing havoc.

L: If a guy asks for your number, OK give it to him. But don’t just shove your number in his pocket (or better yet, write it on his hand) and expect him to call. Anyway, these aren’t the guys that you’re going for, right? If he was planning on calling you anyway, then good for you for indicating that you like him also.

If he WASN’T planning on calling you, he’ll still take your number, just in case.

SO first off, be prepared to talk to him for at least 7 minutes.

The second indication is that guys are fist pumping while dancing to “My Humps” and any other song by R. Once that happens, girls who are into those types of guys go to those places…

So if he doesn’t crumple it up and discard it after you walk away, you *might* get a call after he runs down the list of chicks he ACTUALLY wanted to hang out with that night. If a guy buys you a drink, he’s entitled to 7 minutes of your time.

This doesn’t mean that you’re only worth 7 minutes, it’s just the rule.

Yeah, if you’re already in a good conversation, don’t let it get derailed by the next man tryinna get on. 😀 Great-looking shoes, but you don’t know how to walk in them? B: This is so dumb, and chicks do this every single day. Think back and make a list of the things that you’ve said that have impressed him. …..“If you’ve been divorced more than twice And you wanna give advice about my love life Oh no you can just forget that I don’t need that So you can just go ahead and keep that And if you always lookin a mess But yet you wanna tell me how to dress Oh no I don’t wanna hear that I won’t take that So you can just go ahead and save that”B: This is gonna backfire on you BIG-TIME.

Just let him know that you appreciate it, but you’re waiting for your friend to come back. You’ll get all the attention and get the drinks bought, and the guys will want to “dance” with you…

This give him the upper hand in the relationship and it’s not a good way to start. After all, didn’t Beyonce sing about how great it is to be an Independent Woman? That’s pretty good, considering you’d be getting paid ~ /minute to give him a one-song length lap dance, and you get to keep your clothes on!

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