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Edward hates Mike because he is attracted to Bella, with inappropriate thoughts about her. Varner • Alonzo Calderas Wallace • Robert Walsh • Brett Warner • Mr.

Mike is athletic and very friendly to those he likes, but also obnoxious, persistent and competitive, and is dense on sensing other people's signals while he is infatuated with Bella.

The suspects then advertised the woman for sale online and several men responded and paid money to the couple for sexual services with the victim.

After an unknown amount of time in the shed, the victim was able to escape the shed and contact family members. “This whole incident spanned over a couple-month period,” including the time she was staying in the home, Macomb County Sheriff’s Office Sgt.

Initially, he wore his hair in spikes, but then decided to grow it out and also starts using hair gel in attempt to mimic Edward's look.

In Breaking Dawn - Part 1, he attends Bella and Edward's wedding.This marks the last of his appearances in the Twilight Saga.Mike is described as having pale blue eyes, blond hair, a baby face, being 5'11" tall and being altogether good-looking. He had a baby face in Twilight, but it matures slightly later on.While there, he notices the Denali family and suspects that they are related to the Cullens.He is last seen waving goodbye to the newly wedded couple.He also has a weak stomach, the sight of blood and action movies make him feel uneasy to the point that he vomits. Jacob Black referred to him as a "marshmallow" after he vomited from watching Crosshairs (Face Punch in the movie adaptation) with Bella and Jacob.

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