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We've got some internationals, I can't tell you where they're from just yet though," said Puru.

Mike Puru is shifting from the shopping channel to primetime.

As the local reality series we love to loathe prepares to enter into its hotly-anticipated second season, host Mike Puru said it's safe to expect a "little more sass" this time around."They're all lovely girls but it's an explosive start, a bit more sassy, there's drama right from the very beginning," Puru said of the new season's group of contestants.

"They've all watched the first season and they've gone into it thinking 'this is what I want'".

"I guess for the viewers at home, there was (an immediate) connection with Art and Matilda, right from the beginning." "They're a great couple with a lot going on, but yea, this time I'd say if you're a gambling person, it would be wise to hold your bets, I feel bad for Jordan, I honestly don't know who's going to win.

There's such a mix of girls."In keeping with season one, TV3 have scoured the country to find 23 diversely different women all looking for love - and perhaps for some, their fifteen minutes."Being a Southland boy, I loved the Southern representation," said Puru.

He occasionally worked in regular high school theatre productions.

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