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It has changed not only the face of journalism but also the fate of some journalists.The Committee to Protect Journalists, based in New York, says more web-based reporters are being detained when compared to any other form of journalistic medium.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.(CNN) -- This month on International Correspondents, model, muse and famous war photographer, the glamourous Lee Miller was one of the only female photojournalists documenting World War Two.The troubled economy worldwide will also be associated with the outgoing Bush presidency.Questions abound as 2008 draws to a close as to whether the worst has happened or whether 2009 will bring more gloom and doom. And in case you just can't wait for the program find out the connection between Nicholas Sarkozy and Paris Hilton, it has something to do with the world of celebrity. And where does the law stand exactly in Britain on the subject of assisted suicide?For more information go to You can also view her work at an upcoming exhibition in Russia at the Moscow Photo Festival, The Legendary Lee Miller March 18-April 22 2009.January 25 2009 This week we're taking a look back at some of International Correspondents' highlights of 2008. Zimbabwe remained under the rule of Robert Mugabe and towards the end of the year terrorists struck in Mumbai, bringing an almost unprecedented level of violence to the city and India.

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To that end, we speak to two veterans of International Correspondents, Toby Harnden, the British Daily Telegraph's man in Washington and also in DC, Jordan Lieberman, publisher of Campaigns and Elections' Politics magazine.

And what did the incident say about the state of journalism in Iraq?

To discuss those matters, we're joined in-studio by Iraqi journalist from "Alsharq Alawsat" newspaper, Mina al-Oraibi and author and war correspondent, Janine di Giovanni from Paris.

President-elect Barack Obama will, in a matter of weeks, become President Obama when he makes his inauguration speech and moves into the White House on January 20th.

There were some who thought during the election campaign that Obama had not been thoroughly investigated or, more to the point, had received a free ride in the press.

To that end, we invited Philip Coggan, Capital Markets Editor of the "Economist" to our London studio and from New York we were joined by Jon Friedman, Senior Columnist with the Media Web section of Market Watch; the financial news website. Called `Right to Die: The Suicide Tourist,' it was broadcast on 'Sky Real Lives.' Fifty-nine-year old Craig Ewert suffered from Motor Neurone disease and he was filmed being given a lethal combination of sedatives before he, himself, switched off his oxygen ventilator.

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